Yarnalong: Knitlandia and Nut-Hap

2016-10-18 15.21.20.jpg

Knitting: Nut-Hap by Jen Arnall-Culliford in Ashford Tekapo 8 ply.  After Yarnalonging wtih Nut-Hap a few weeks ago, I got the third tuck done, then went back to other projects.  Now, I’ve started the final tuck!  All that’s standing between me and finishing this is 20-some rows in a lovely evergreen …. oh and Kitchnering together a bajillion stitches.  But we’re almost there!

Reading: Knitlandia by Clara Parkes.  Well, I say “reading,” but really, I’m listening! I’ve never tried audio books, although I know lots of knitters really like them. I’m only a chapter in, but so far, I’m enjoying this.  Clara Parkes narration is great, and I’m already learning lots of new stuff about the knitting community!

You can check out what others are knitting and reading (or listening to, as the case may be!) over at the original Yarnalong.  And as always, I’d love to hear what you’re working on this week!

21 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Knitlandia and Nut-Hap”

  1. I read Knitlandia by myself earlier this summer and then listened to Clara read to me and I have to say, I loved the latter much more. Her intonation and hearing her wonder and excitement in the sharing of the stories was priceless.

    Also, gorgeous knitting!


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