Thursday Sockalong: Smooth Operators!

It’s Thursday???  How did that happen!

I had a lovely weekend at my parents’, then came back to Philadelphia to a half unpacked apartment and the start of a new academic year at a new institution.  So the last few days have been hectic.   But this afternoon, I cleared off a corner of my increasingly buried kitchen table, made a pot of tea, knit a few rows of my new socks (Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operators), and snapped a picture:

2016-09-08 15.34.59.jpg
Smooth Operator Socks in Trailing Clould BFL Sock “Mind the Gap”

After I’d had my tea (I found my most favorite tea here — Tea Pigs English Breakfast, what a treat!) and worked a few rows, I felt much better. So much better, in fact, that I decided that I could get the rest of the big eat-in kitchen in order and check out my neighborhood’s Thursday night farmers’ market.  My formerly rubbish-strewn table now has a bouquet of flowers and a bowl full of the most delicious tomatoes:2016-09-08 17.16.40-1.jpg I even managed to use some of those tomatoes to cook myself a real dinner!  In my new kitchen!  Which no longer has a box in sight!

If I seem a little delirious, it’s probably because I am.

Anyway, I’ve strayed pretty far from socks … next week, hopefully I’ll have many more thoughts on my Smooth Operators to share, and I hope to be back to my regularly scheduled programming.

There’s a group of us who knit socks and write about them on Thursday.  Go check out their blogs:

Hope your week’s been great.  Back to unpacking (read: figuring out where to store my heaps of yarn).




5 thoughts on “Thursday Sockalong: Smooth Operators!”

  1. Ooh! I love that yarn color and the bag is super cute too! I noticed the holes in the side for you to keep your balls of yarn straight, which I think is really cool; however, can you still store your project and zip up the bag if needed? Inquiring minds and all that 🙂

    I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I got my kitchen all unpacked and set up a couple of years ago. It felt like it took me forever and I was so relieved when I was finally able to cook a proper meal instead of going out to eat.


    1. Thanks, Paula! I love my Yarn pop bag for TAAT socks 🙂 you can basically put the socks in and zip it up … I always just leave it unzipped at the corner and make sure the working yarn is in that corner before I zip! So you can’t close it 100 percent — but it works for my purposes! I’m still in unpacking frenzy, but I’m looking forward to catching up on your knitting challenge posts this weekend 😀

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