Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Once again, here are some of the best thing I’ve stumbled on this week. Hope you enjoy!


(1) Jameson sweater, Image (c) BabyCocktails (2) Mountain Goat Pin, Image by Julia Walther (3) Sheep blank pillow, Image by @andresueknits on Instagram (4) Knitty Coasters, Image from Kettle Yarn Co.
  • These coasters.  I have a serious weakness for knitting-related home goods.  I just adore these beautiful wood coasters with their knit prints.  They would go especially well with these, which my mom and I are planning to work on over Labor Day weekend together!
  • Thea Colman’s new fall sweater.  She’s one of my favorite designers — I consistently find myself drawn to her patterns, especially ones that involve cables!  And it’s knit out of Fiber Co.’s new yarn Arannmore, which looks absolutely stunning.  When I’ve actually completed some projects, I want to get a skein of this to try it out!
  • This adorable mountain goat pin.  I went to college with Julia, the talent behind Shiny Apple Studios.  She makes stunning pottery, and recently has started a side business in fun enamel pins.  I had to order one of these to grace a project bag!  (Also, I had no idea pins were such a thing!  There are lots of fun knitting ones, like these adorable skeins of yarn by Morgan Hale!)
  • My soft spot for colorwork continues this week.  I saw Lori Times Five’s in-progress Kokkeluri mittens, and I was reminded of how much I want to make them (I even have the yarn, as I talked about earlier this summer!)  These need to move up my knitting queue, I think!
  • This pillow out of a dyed sock blank (look at this detail — be still my heart!).  See above mention of love of knitting-related home goods.  And it would be perfect with my growing collection of sheep pillows.


  • These noodle bowls, which my mom introduced me too.  I made these for dinner earlier this week — I want to put this peanut dressing on everything now.  And of course these are really easy to customize — I added lots more veggies (edamame, radishes, red cabbage, etc).  Next time I make these for dinner, though, I think I’ll marinate and bake the tofu, rather than having it uncooked.
  • Mr. N made this ceviche recipe (you might have to scroll down a bit for it), this week. We’ve used this recipe loads of times — this week, we used some lovely wild caught trout for the fish and followed the directions for the summer version of the dish, where you swap in mangoes.  With a glass of white wine, it’s the perfect summer dinner!
  • Tomato Week at Food52.  I’ve mentioned my love of summertime tomatoes a lot recently.  Food52 has been celebrating them all this week.  This article on why tomato prices are so variable is fascinating – I definitely recommend giving it a read.  I also liked their infographic on making a tomato sandwich (all a bit fancy for the humble tomato sandwich but still … pretty pictures of tomatoes!  Yummy sounding things!)
  • And finally: the best thing I ate this week was a super easy sandwich, that I’m thinking about days later:  an everything bagel, with cream cheese, green onions, tomato, smoked salmon, and avocado mashed up with some lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sometimes, the simplest things are the tastiest, right?

    (1) Tomato Sandwich Infographic, Photo by James Ransom, Food 52 (2) the aforementioned bagel sandwich (3) Radish topped ceviche 

What are you eating, dreaming of, bookmarking this week?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. Knitting from a sock blank is on my list! I may buy one during my birthday month or wait until next year to hunt one down at STITCHES. I want to bake but need to see what we have in our cabinets. I’m dreaming of colorwork; I see so many lovely WIP’s on IG. I wanna knit one.

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  2. Once again, I loved everything in this post! I’m dying to make that Asian Noodle Bowl; however it will have to wait a bit until my hubby eases up on his low-carb life. I was thinking wash cloths and hot water bottles with cozies for Christmas; however I may have to throw in some coasters now too 🙂

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