Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  The weekend’s almost here … not a moment too soon, if you ask me!  I am looking forward to some serious knitting time.

In installment two of my new Friday Favorites series, here are the things that have caught my eye this week:


  • Mary Jane Mucklestone’s new vest.  With all the heat this week, I’ve been dreaming of fall.  Getting better at colorwork and steeking are both long-term knitting goals. And I would love a fair isle vest for this winter. This new pattern checks all the boxes.  It also prompted me to look through my many Ravelry favorites at other vests I’ve saved, and I rediscovered Ysolda Teague’s Cruden. Hopefully, I’ll get around to making one of these two sometime later this fall.
  • I clearly had a thing for colorwork this week.  I also fell in love with these gorgeous socks and these mitts, which have an unusual (and lovely) combo of eyelet and colorwork.  I stumbled on both when spending time in the rabbit hole that is Instagram.
  • And why not keep with the theme?  Very Shannon had this great guest post with tips for improving your colorwork.
  • Also spotted on Instagram this week: these hilarious mugs, from Baa Ram Ewe.  I have a weakness for knitting-related mugs … throw in punny musical references, and I’m a goner.  They also have travel versions (get your steek on!)
  • And, saving the best for last … the new Pom Pom mag came out this week, and it’s chock full of beautiful patterns.  But I am absolutely in love with this sweater.  (And designer Christina Danaee provides some interesting insight into her design process here.) I love Guernsey-style sweaters, and the updated silhouette of this one is oh-so-appealing.   It’s resulted in a flurry of phone calls between my mom and me, trying to arrange what yarn we might make it in for a mini-KAL when I visit at the beginning of September.  It’s seriously tested our recently taken joint resolve to go on a yarn diet.

    (1) Rocquaine by Christina Danaee, image (c) Rachel Hayton, Source: Ravelry (2) Baa Ram Ewe mug from (3) Voe by Mary Jane Muckleston, image (c) Gudrun Johnston, Source: Ravelry.  


  • Farmers market tomatoes.  Chopped up with a little vinegar, salt and pepper.  That’s pretty much all I want to eat right now.
  • But if someone made this eggplant sandwich for me, I wouldn’t say no.  I love roasted eggplant and arugula.  Combined, I’m sure they’re heavenly!
  • And I’ve found another summer squash recipe that I’m eager to try.  I love curry, and I love zucchini, so why not put them together?
  • We made this udon, greens and sesame dish a few nights back (scroll down past the chicken recipe to find it), and it’s a great midweek dinner!  We used baby bok choy for the greens, which was super yummy.
(1) Summer Squash Curry, Evan Sung for the New York Times (2) Eggplant Sandwich by Alexandra Stafford, from Food52.  Those tomatoes are allll mine (and I ate them in about 30 seconds). 

Hope your week’s ending on a happy note and that a weekend of knitting and good eating stretches before you.  Oh, and if you stopped by yesterday looking for sock talk, it’ll be back next Thursday!  My Asagi (and the many silly mistakes I have continued to make) has completely preoccupied me this week, so I had no sock news to report.  Back to the regularly scheduled programming next week!

What about you?  Have you found any new favorite things this week?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!  


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