Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

I thought I might start an occasional series with some of the best things I’ve seen/read/cooked/eaten during the week.  I like alliteration, so … introducing Friday Favorites!


  • Viola Sock Kits.  Are you a fan of Viola yarn?  She’s having an update this coming Monday, and I’m so excited.  I’ve been dreaming of getting one of her sock kits since I missed out on one when she did an update in April.  So I’m setting my alarm early Monday morning and going to see if I have better luck this time.  If I’m successful, it will be my first Viola yarn … I’m looking forward to making another pair of socks with fun heel and toe contrasts!
  • This awesome yarn storage idea.  When I saw this post on Instagram, I swooned, then immediately went to the Ikea site to see if this table is available at US stores, and it is! I’m trying to decide if I should get one or two of these for my Philadelphia place — I’ve moved my whole yarn stash there (I just couldn’t leave it in storage, where most of our less movable property is living for the year) but don’t really know how I’m going to store it in my apartment.  I like to keep my yarn in plastic to protect from dust and bugs, and I guess the table would look a little less elegant filled with ziploc-ed skeins …
  • The new blue Field Bag.  I need another project bag like I need a hole in the head.  But I adore the new blue this bag comes in, and it has so many cool features. One day, I’m going to succumb and get one of these babies.  And I’m going to hold all these gorgeous pics of them on Instagram responsible!
  • This sweater, this shawl, and these socks.  They don’t have much in common, except that they were all released this summer and have recently made it into my Ravelry faves.  Gotta knit ’em all!
Fri faves fiber.jpg
(1) Field Bag: Image from Fringe Association (2) Ikea Table with Yarn, Image from @hegewemu on Instagram (3) Capella by Isabella Kramer, Image copyright Pam Allen, from Ravelry (4) Viola Sock Kit, Image from Viola and the Moon Blog


  • Crispy rice and greens salad.  We made this recently, and it was delicious.  The dressing was wonderfully sharp and bright and the crispy rice had a lovely texture. Dates were expensive at the grocery, and only came in giant boxes, so we just used golden raisins instead, which worked well.  We had bought a lot of fresh spinach, so we used that for our greens component, though I think kale would be very tasty too.  We also added crumbled feta because cheese makes everything better, obviously!  Oh, and this kept in the fridge wonderfully and was just as good for lunch the next day
  • Summer veggies.  I’ve really missed being in New Zealand, but one nice thing about coming back to the States mid-summer is all my favorite veggies are in season!  This is one of my favorite recipes ever for summer squash — I find myself coming back to it year after year.  We also tried out this eggplant recipe earlier this week, with good results.  Roasted eggplant is the best!
  • Baking and berries.  Now that we’re settled, I’m ready to get back to baking.  I am swooning over this strawberry cake .  Then I saw Knit Potion’s tantalizing berry cake and now I want to make that too!  We have a heat wave coming this weekend though, so I’m not sure I’ll feel up to turning on the oven!
  •  In-n-Out Burger.  I had my first one ever this week.  I figured it couldn’t possibly be as good as everyone had told me it was.  And then I took the first bite of my double-double, and I’m a convert.
fri fave food.jpg
(1) Herbed Squash Gratin, Image from Yellow House Blog (2) Strawberry Summer Cake, Image from Smitten Kitchen (3) Crispy Rice Salad, Image by Issy Crocker for the Guardian, from the Guardian Website (4) Two double-doubles, my own photo (One of the pictures is not like the others …..)

So, there you have it – some of my favorites this week.  Hope you find something in there you like!  What new faves have you stumbled on recently?

Talk soon, and have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites”

  1. I love lists, so your new blog series is right up my alley. I’m going to love it! 🙂 And WOW! That summer squash recipe looks seriously tasty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!! I’m glad to hear that 🙂 I enjoy reading similar things when I see them, so I thought why not? I definitely definitely recommend the squash recipe! I’ve been making it at least three summers. And since you can just throw whatever hebrs you have on hand in the pesto, it always turns out a little bit different!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! What an awesome idea 🙂 I still have not had an In-an-Out Burger and I’ve been here for two years. I’m looking forward to it someday! And I am so bookmarking these recipes. They all look fantastic 😀 You have me drooling.


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