Thursday Sockalong: Hermione Socks, continued

It’s Thursday already?!

2016-08-04 09.31.59.jpg

So I finished my first Hermione Sock on Saturday night, just before we left Baltimore at an unholy hour on Sunday morning.  As you can see above, I haven’t made much progress on the second sock!  

2016-08-04 09.34.58.jpg
The finished sock.  Does anyone else find taking pictures of socks on your own feet really difficult?

It hasn’t been a great week for knitting, period.  I had thought I’d get a big jump on the second sock on the plane from Charm City to the City of Angels, but the flight was so early I slept through about half of it!  I managed to cast on and complete the rib for the cuff … only to find when I finished, it was much bigger than my first sock — the downside of doing socks one at a time, I suppose.  Since then, I’ve restarted and made it through the cuff, and just began the texture pattern.  I set it aside to  try to make some progress on my Nut Hap, and the net result has been not a lot of progress on either project.  Sigh!

I’m still waiting for life to settle down a bit and find my normal routine here for the next month.  There’s just been so much travel and moving, and I think it’s all caught up with me!  I was feeling a little down earlier today … it’s easy to feel like I’m not making much progress on knitting, or my actual work for that matter, with everything going on.  But then Mr. N and I went out this evening, and I was reminded that there’s so much that’s exciting about this time of transition, even if it’s sometimes exhausting! When we left the apartment, I heard a loud and unique bird call and looked up and saw … a flock of parrots!  Apparently, imported parrots escaped decades ago, and they’ve thrived here!  How weird and wonderful is that?  We wandered up to San Gabriel for dinner, where there’s a large historic mission, and had a lovely walk.

2016-08-04 20.24.17.jpg
The San Gabriel Playhouse

Hopefully, next week, I’ll have a little more progress to share.  But if I don’t, that’s okay too!  We’ll see what adventures, knitting and otherwise, the coming seven days hold.

There’s a group of us who blog about sock knitting on Thursday.  Check out my fellow Thursday sockalong-ers below!  And if you’d like to join in, feel free to link up:

Happy Thursday!

9 thoughts on “Thursday Sockalong: Hermione Socks, continued”

  1. I loved your first comment. I feel that way every Thursday too 🙂 Time moves so quickly. There are times when I have very little to no progress and it may be like that for the next couple of weeks as some of us are joining games for the Olympics on Ravelry. We’ll see what happens! That playhouse is absolutely gorgeous!

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    1. It does indeed! I have been trying to figure out if I’m going to join any of the Olympic knitting games … I’ve been so discombobulated, I haven’t really sat down to think about it … but we’ll see! I have a fingering weight sweater I want to cast on soon, plus my smooth operators, so maybe I’ll join in the one you linked to yesterday under the fingering weight category! So excited for opening ceremonies 😀

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