Thursday Sockalong: Shire Sock Progress

How’s it Thursday already?

In-progress Shire Socks, with my handy Sock Ruler! 
On Monday, we headed up to Auckland, and I decided to leave my Nut Hap, which is becoming a bit unwieldy, behind and just take the Shire Socks.  They’d really been languishing, so it was nice to get reacquainted with them.

I’m well into the cuff now — it’ll be a near run thing if I finish them before we travel back to the US on Sunday.  I was planning on trying something a bit different for the heel, but when it came time to think about it, I was in a pub in Auckland with limited internet connection, so I just put in yarn for an afterthought heel and pressed on.

My hope is to get these off the needles and a new pair on for the plane ride home … it probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream, right?  I have this unidentified sock yarn :


And I’ve found a few different patterns that I think would would work well with the speckles.  After several pairs of vanilla socks, I want something with a teeny bit of pizzazz. I’m deciding between Bickersstraat, I Heart Bees, or Hermione’s Everyday Socks … too many socks to knit, too little time!

There’s a little group of us who knit socks and blog about it on Thursdays … if you’d like to join in, feel free to link up!  My fellow sock bloggers are:

Go check out what socks they’re knitting this Thursday!

I’ll be back, hopefully quite soon, with a little recap of our trip to Auckland, which included some very yummy food and trips to some special yarn shops.  Til then, happy knitting!


9 thoughts on “Thursday Sockalong: Shire Sock Progress”

  1. I thought I was the only one who knit socks on two circs these days. It seems like everyone is either a die hard dpn user or in the magic loop groove. Love my two circs. AND your socks! 🙂

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  2. I knit my last pair on two circulars…this time I am using magic loop. Your socks are looking awesome and you are so close to finishing 🙂 Will they let you take your metal needles on the airplane? I’m always afraid to take mine and tend to go with bamboo instead. I’m loving on your new yarn too. Those would make awesome Hermione’s socks. I tried that pattern and only have one sock done. I really need to get back to it and finish the other one.

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    1. I’ve never done two at a time on magic loop – how long of a needle do you use? I do take my metal needles on airplanes … I’ve ne er had hem confiscated (knock on wood) yet. I came close one time in Denmark – the security there kept saying that they didn’t mind but that the US didn’t let you fly with knitting needles. I had a lot of projects in my carry on because I had overestimated the amount of knitting I would do on the trip, and I was really worried. But finally I convinced them not to take the needles. Sometimes I print and take TSA advice on knitting needles with me if I’m flying internationally! I think it’s probably better to take bamboo needles, I just don’t have many since I prefer metal!

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      1. It varies on whether I’m knitting one at a time or two at a time. Although now that I’ve found the joys of TAAT, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to just knitting one. Currently, I’m using a 30″ cable connected to a 14″ cable. It makes it so there’s enough room for both socks; however not too much. I’m going to have to give taking metal needles on the plane a try. I’ve heard horror stories about it and have always been worried. It’s nice to know that someone has gotten through with them 🙂 Good luck with your trip back to the states!!!

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