Thursday Sock-a-long: How to Wear Hand Knit Socks

Well, it’s Thursday, and I have some rather embarrassing news to share.

I haven’t knit any on my Shire Socks this week.  Not a single stitch.  It’s been a bit crazy around here, and when I have had a moment to knit, it’s been all Nut Hap, all the time.

I have been thinking about socks though (and, er, buying sock yarn to supplement my already substantial sock yarn stash).  I’ve been planning ways to incorporate all the socks I want to knit into my fall wardrobe … because making shoe purchases based on things you want to knit is completely legitimate, yeah?

What really got me thinking about shoe and handmade sock combos was some lovely photos over on Instagram and around the knitosphere.

Like, check out these Jelly Roll Socks (which I’ve added to my queue) with these desert boots (and a similar look here)

Desert boots wtih socks.png
From @orangeknits on Instagram – original post is here

Now, I just need to stop buying yarn long enough to save up for a pair of these!*

I’m also a pretty big fan of the hand knit sock with Mary Jane look:

Sock wiht Mary Jane.JPG
Photo credit: Copyright Kemper Wray, from the pattern page for her lovely Bickersstraat on Ravelry (also in my queue)

Would I wear Mary Janes with hand knit socks and a skirt or cropped trousers?  Who knows!  The way to find out, obviously, is to buy a pair and give it a try … just need to find the perfect pair.

I also … dare I say this … love this picture of Arne and Carlos footies with Birkenstock sandals, snapped in my hometown LYS.  My mom and I may have had an extended conversation when we first saw it about buying Birkenstocks just so we could get this sock and sandal look!

sock and sandal.png
From @skeincocaine’s instagram feed — original post here.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with some actual sock progress (especially as those Shire Socks need to be done before I leave New Zealand in a week and a half)!  Until then, though, check out what other Thursday sock-a-longers are working on this week!  Alex blogs at Alexandknits (this week’s post here); Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune; Paula at Spin a Yarn (post here); and Jennifer at A Creative Yarn (post here).  Because of the time difference, it’s still Wednesday for most of my fellow sock bloggers — I’ll update with links to their post as they come in!  If you’d like to join us in Thursday sock knitting adventures, feel free to link up.  And, thanks to Alex, we now have an Instagram hashtag: #thursdaysockalong.

So, what about you? Do you ever plan wardrobe acquisitions around your planned or finished hand knits?

*This probably doesn’t need saying, but just so it’s abundantly clear: any product that I talk about on this blog is just because I’ve found it and like it, not something I’ve been asked (by, you know, those sponsors knocking down my door) to promote! 

8 thoughts on “Thursday Sock-a-long: How to Wear Hand Knit Socks”

  1. Awesome post! I don’t think I’ve ever planned what I am going to buy based on my knits; however I have some fingering weight yarn that is in the most outrageous color that is dying to be a shawl and is going to need a nice neutral background for the neon craziness of the colors 🙂 Wow! That was a long sentence. I love those pictures…I think you’ve inspired me to check out those jelly roll socks…and look up some tags on Instagram 😀


  2. I live in South Florida so I see A LOT of the sock/sandal combo and it’s usually never a good look. However, I really like the socks with the Birkenstocks. Hmmm…I think I see a new pair of Birkenstocks and some cute hand knit footies in my future 🙂

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