Thursday Sock-a-long: A Finished Pair, Shire Socks, and WHALES!

It’s Thursday, so let’s talk socks, shall we?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy rather un-creatively named Marigoldjen Socks are now really and truly done!  I had my doubts about these when I started them.  The yarn was much more multi-colored than I expected, and I wasn’t sure if it was a bit too much for me. In the skein, I thought it looked predominately gray, with a few bright accents … but now that they’re done, I wouldn’t have them any other way.  Whenever I see them, they make me quite happy.  Especially the ridiculously bright orange heels:

Afterthought heels! Yarn specs: Main yarn – Marigoldjen BFL Extra Long Sock in Lazy Day; Toes and Cuff – Marigolden Heels and Toes in Calumet; Heels – Julie Asselin Leizu Fingering in Jaipur

I knit these two at a time, from the toe up (by the by, I think toe up’s the easiest way to get started with TAAT, in case you’re thinking of it).  I’m not a knitter who knits without patterns.  But socks are the one exception.  Especially vanilla socks like these.  I tend to make a guess about how many stitches I should start the toes with, then try on as I go (I did, er, rip these back a few times because they were too big as a result) … these ended up being 60 stitch socks.  I really enjoyed working with this yarn — the Marigoldjen BFL sock yarn has a nice, sturdy feel in hand.  I think it will wear really well, while also feeling ever so soft and cozy.  And I’m thinking my leftover bits and bobs might make for a nice pair of these.

With toe up socks, my tendency is to make them a bit too short … by the time I get to the leg, I’m ready to be done!  I tried to make these a bit longer than usual so they can peek out of my boots:

2016-07-07 14.47.25.jpg

I always forget how much I enjoy knitting socks. This pair reminded me that it’s always good to have a pair on the needles as a background project.   With that in mind, I pretty much immediately cast on a new pair, which I’m calling Shire Socks, after both the color and where they’re being knit:


2016-07-07 09.05.00.jpg
Ashford Tekapo 8 ply in Evergreen

Somewhat boringly, I’m once again making my socks TAAT, toe-up.  But I’m thinking I’ll try a new heel — maybe a German short row one.  Mr. N’s dad has requested a very thick pair of socks to wear with work boots, and I think these will definitely be that!  I’m knitting them out of the same wool I’m using for my Nut Hap, which can be knit as a DK or even a light worsted, in 2×2 rib for extra squish factor.  I love how fast knitting socks out of heavier weight yarn is … although these have been a bit neglected in my Nut Hap excitement.

Want more socks?  Who doesn’t!  Check out what my fellow sock-a-longers are making.   Alex writes at Alexandknits, Hannah at unsophisticated+jejune and Paula at Spin a Yarn. Thanks for welcoming to the sock party you three!  If you’d like to join the Thursday sock party, come on in, the water’s fine.

ETA: And a big welcome to Jennifer writing at A Creative Yarn — take a peek at her lovely post on her first pair of socks! And if you’d like direct links to Alex, Hannah and Paula’s post, they are here, here and here!

And, speaking of water, in completely non-knitting related news, WE SAW A POD OF WHALES at sunset this evening!

cropped whale.jpg


I’ve never seen whales so close.  It was really magical!  And who doesn’t need a little bit of magic on an average Thursday?

Happy knitting!





14 thoughts on “Thursday Sock-a-long: A Finished Pair, Shire Socks, and WHALES!”

    1. Thanks, Alex! I know that orange … I got a mini skein for free when I ordered yarn from Julie Asselin. I came across it when I was moving and packing my yarn and realized it’d be a great match. One of the few upsides of moving!

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  1. OMG! Your socks are beautiful! I love the pops of bright color on the cuffs, heels and toes and the yarn color of the main body of the sock is yummy. The new socks look awesome too. We’ve got another great blogger who joined up this week as well. Check out my latest blog post for the new list 😀 Seriously…whales are gorgeous! How awesome that you got such a close up view.


  2. Whales and socks in unison! I think your socks looks so snuggly and makes me think of thick walking socks. So comfortable! The next pair sounds even thicker. Where is it you are making them? I grew up in a ‘shire in Britain – Cheshire! I am also very in awe in how you don’t follow a pattern and just know how to make a sock fit you. That’s just plain crazy talk!


    1. Thanks Hannah! They are very snuggly .. they’ll be good for wearing today, as it’s very cool and rainy! I’m from the US, but I’m in New Zealand at the moment — so not the original Shire, but the heart of Hobbit tourism now 🙂 I’ve been around Britain quite a bit, but never to Cheshire!

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  3. Your socks look great! I’m in love with those bright orange heels. My plan is to try socks two at a time eventually, but I want to get a little more sock knitting experience in before taking that leap. I’m in awe that you knit socks without a pattern 🙂


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