Even though it’s winter here in the Southern Hemipshere, things on our bit of coast are incredibly green.  In addition to all the gorgeous driftwood the beach furnishes, there’s a lovely array of plant life on, or near, the beach.

Mr. N enjoys “winter” with the dogs.  

I love the unfamiliar trees that line the beach.




I especially love the Norfolk Pines, with their up-curved branches and exaggerated silhouettes.

2016-06-05 17.43.55.jpg2016-06-07 01.06.33.jpg

Up close with the Norfolk Pine.  

Succulents fare really well here — these grass-like ones cover many of the sand dunes. I have no clue what they are!


I had no idea this is what flowering aloe looked like:

2016-06-13 13.11.55.jpg

And those aren’t the only blooms around! This flowering succulent pokes over a neighbor’s fence that we pass on the way to the beach:


And I spied these on the top of the beach wall yesterday:


Another beach goer seems to share my love of driftwood and area plants, and left this pretty resting here:

P6252812.JPG And, of course, there’s beach grass, that’s mostly still green …


The ever intrepid Bramble also likes exploring the local plant life:


I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of wandering along this beach!

And, dear friends, I will soon have some finished objects to share with you!  I’ve got a sleeve to go on my Islay Cardigan, and my Marigoldjen socks are almost done.  Later this week, I’m going to share the way I do afterthought heels … here’s a little sneak peek:


What are you exploring this weekend?

PS:  Do you use Bloglovin’? I’ve set up a profile and am really enjoying finding all the blogs I like in one place. You can find and follow fiber and sustenance here if you’re so inclined!


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