At least once a day, and most often quite more, I walk the twenty steps it takes to get to the beach and wander along for a bit.  It’s a very quiet beach — a “busy” day consists of seeing more than a person or two on your ramble.  Even though I never get very far, every day the bit of beach I wander along has something new to admire.  P6192462.JPGI particularly love all the driftwood on the beach.  Right before we came, there was apparently quite a large storm that washed more wood than usual up onto the beach.  The ocean’s been quite calm since our arrival and hasn’t reclaimed all this wood.  P6192439.JPGSome truly impressive bits of wood wash up — like this tree trunk, which sinks deeper into the beach every time the tide comes in.

P6172392.JPGOr this several foot-long log!P6192481.JPGUp close, the driftwood is even more lovely — I love the colors you find!P6192492.JPGLike this unexpected orange!P6192409.JPG

P6192449.JPGAnd the shapes and textures of the sea-beaten timber are endlessly interesting.P6192437.JPGI’m looking forward to many more weeks of beach combing, especially since I have some intrepid helpers:P6192426.JPGPurdey loves snuffling driftwood, as well as fetching it from the water.

P6192454 cropped.jpg

Bramble’s still a little afraid of the ocean, but she finds other ways of entertaining herself!P6192464.JPGIt’s a very good spot to visit every day!  And lest you think I’ve completely given up knitting for taking pictures of old logs, here’s a bit of progress on Islay.  It’s sat for a few days while I’ve worked on my socks, because I haven’t felt like picking up stitches.  After today’s ramble though, I sat down, poured myself a large glass of wine, and got on with it — I’m quite happy with the result:

Sleeve cap, courtesy of the wonders of short row shaping!
Happy Sunday!








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