WIP Wednesday: I-cord for Islay

My knitting time the past few days has been devoted to completing the front and neck edging of Islay.

First, the picking up of front and neck stitches (the waste yarn marks button loop placement):

2016-06-12 16.13.17.jpg

Then working the i-cord …


And making crochet chain button loops (so cleverly integrated into the icord ):


All done!

2016-06-15 11.26.53.jpg

Now just the sleeves remain!  It would make a cute vest though, no?

What are you working on this week?

One thought on “WIP Wednesday: I-cord for Islay”

  1. It’s looking great! I love those buttonholes. I finally picked up my needles and knit a few rows on my Aviendha. Then I put them down again and haven’t picked them up for another week or two. It’s progress, though…


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